Friday, December 23, 2011

Where is Jesus?

Recently, I was reading my Facebook page and noticed what a recently married young woman I know had written on her wall. Apparently, she was decorating her home for Christmas and had put out a nativity set complete with shepherds, sheep, some wise men, Joseph, Mary, and of course, baby Jesus. Now, we get to what she posted on her wall. She said, “My cat stole baby Jesus and now we don’t know where He is.” Of course, I smiled at the thought. Then I quickly thought, “I know where He is. He is all grown up and living in your heart!” How quickly we lose sight of who Jesus is today and where He really is: alive and well, fully mature, and ever making intercession for each and every one of us He calls His own. Now, if we really take a moment and reflect on that one thought, it tends to give us peace and assurance. Ahh… all is well. He knows where I am and I know where He is.

Personal struggles, relationships, the busyness of the Christmas season, and life in general have a way of stealing Jesus from us to the point where we too can say we don’t know where He is. Maybe for some of us, it’s the little things that steal Him away from our hearts and minds; wrapping presents, preparing for a test, our favorite show on television, staying a little longer in bed in the morning, or even a good book. How easy it is to let our thoughts, emotions, people and events steal Jesus from us. Now, I can hear what you are saying - “I thought He never leaves us or forsakes us.” It’s true. He never does. But we often let things into our hearts that crowd Him out to the point where there is no room for Him. You see, He really is all grown up. He doesn’t just need a small manger anymore, but rather the totality of each and every one of our hearts. Little baby Jesus is now the mature Son of God. And He still seeks a place to lay His head and His heart. Neal A. Maxwell said, “Each of us is an innkeeper who decides if there is room for Jesus.”
This Christmas season, consciously make room for Him. Don’t let Him get lost in the trappings of the season, or buried beneath the circumstances of your life. Welcome Him afresh with wonder and awe of who He really is – King of kings and Lord of lords!

- Wendy Levey, Faculty