Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A Letter To Our Alumni

Dear Friend,

By now, I am sure that you have heard the news of Bethany Bible Training Center’s move to Chesapeake, Virginia for the upcoming school year. Sometimes when news of this importance is announced, there can be some confusion added as the story is passed along, so I wanted to contact you so you could hear some of the details of this move from me personally.

I have included a link to the letter we recently sent to our mailing list regarding the move. If you have not already read it, please take a moment to read it here @ http://blog.bethanybtc.org/2013/01/there-is-excitement-filling-air-as-news.html before you continue with this e-mail.

As you know from the letter, this move has been four years in the making, and during that time, the Board and I have held the decision before the Lord in much prayer. Even though we are stepping out in faith and obedience in how we believe He is leading us, we do not want to be ahead of the Lord or behind Him, but right in the center of His will.

It can be hard to convey to you in writing, but I feel such a great sense of anticipation for what the Lord has in store for Bethany, and I have heard the same from so many of our friends, donors, staff, and students. Since the announcement has been made, I have been contacted by several seasoned men and women of God who have prophesied that God is in this move, and who, without knowing, answered questions that I personally have held before the Lord about how this move will affect the school. More and more each day, my confidence has grown that God is leading us step by step in this decision.

As far as what the future holds for Bethany, we are planning to start a full schedule of classes in late August at the New Life Providence Church Deep Creek Campus in Virginia. While the church has been generous enough to allow us the use of their building, which is the original church building attached to their larger sanctuary, the school will remain a separate entity from the church.

Regarding the campus here in Salisbury Center, at this time I do not feel we should sell the property. We are planning to hold graduation here in May and Youth Week in July, as well as a few other retreats. For the future, we are looking into opening the buildings for the summers for our conferences, possibly making the campus available to other churches to rent out for retreats, and continuing to have our Work Scholarship students work here in the summer months to help pay for their upcoming school expenses. Then, each winter, we will close up the buildings until the next summer. We do have several major repairs to tackle, including overhauling our water and sewage systems, and we are planning to replace the roofs this summer. I believe that the Lord is not finished with this property, and all that has been spoken over it may still have its fulfillment in the future. We are still seeking Him for exactly how it will come to fruition, but we know that our God is a big God, and He is able to accomplish great things.

As to finances, we will end this school year not owing our outside vendors anything, but we are still behind in our payroll. Our staff and faculty—many of whom you probably know—have been so faithful to serve in this ministry for without receiving a regular paycheck for many months. Bobbi Adkins approached me about starting a fund to help pay the faculty and staff, and if God puts it on your heart to contribute, please feel free to contact her at 315-429-8521, Ext. 46 or bobbi@bethanybtc.org. Beyond that, I believe we have a word from the Lord that He will fully provide for our staff pay and relocation expenses.

Today, I am going to ask you for four things: your prayers, your confidence, your faith, and yes—your financial support. I believe that God met you during your time here, and I ask you to stand with us now and in the future so that the students He sends our way will have the same opportunity you did to encounter Him through the ministry of this school. You can donate online @ http://www.bethanybtc.org/Donate.htm or contact Tico Rios in our Business Office at 315-429-8521, Ext. 12 or businessoffice@bethanybtc.org.

Please feel free to call me at 315-429-8521, Ext. 25 or e-mail me at jack@bethanybtc.org If I can answer any questions for you, or if you have any insight or encouragement for us as we take this step of faith into the future God has for Bethany Bible Training Center. Hope to see you for a visit either here or in Virginia.

May God bless you,

Jack Picataggi


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