Thursday, October 11, 2012

First Quarter at Bethany

We are almost in our second quarter of school and I am pleased to report to you that this year has begun with some very exciting situations. First, we have gotten in about ten international students from almost as many different countries. Second and even dearer to my heart, our chapels have been absolutely outstanding. The very first morning as we began to worship, the Lord’s presence swept in, and it just got better and better with each song. What was really great was that the next day it happened again, and the next chapel, again. Into the second week He has just continued to sweep in by His presence, meeting, blessing and speaking to us prophetically. One aspect to His coming so far, is that it has been in such a gentle, sweet way, not in driving music or in war-like beats, but truly in a gentle worship, highlighted by the students’ voices. This year a young man, Samuel, who has been a missionary to China for several years, brought his violin. It has added a wonderful dimension to the worship and the Lord has at points really anointed Samuel’s playing.

Each year that I have been here at the school, which when added up equals sixteen years, I have heard it said or have said myself that “this year is unique because:” and we would give our reasoning for such a statement. Always the statement, to me, has been sincere and not just said for hype or any such reason. So I can genuinely tell you, for me this is different in that the Lord has come right in, despite our being unsettled and just getting started. You almost have the impression that He is eager to come and get going with what is in His heart for this year. Whatever His reason is, I say, “Lord, come.”

The level of hunger and desire for the Lord is high and that is always a good quality to measure by. The maturity level of the students is very well balanced as well, which strongly affects where we can and will go for the year.

Please pray and believe with us that the Lord will be blessed by us, and that we can receive all that He has for us this year. A year’s time at Bible school is always an amazing journey, full of possibilities and so much potential, yet we want His best!

- Jack Picataggi

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