Friday, January 15, 2010

Update from Haiti

We have received an updated report from First Year student Ernst, who pastors a church in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, of God's miraculous protection of his family:

"This is the information that I have from Haiti. The church has collapsed with people inside and are still in. The ladies' group had a regular meeting when the earthquake hit the church; up to now, no one can count the number of dead people inside the church.

Concerning my family, I had the chance of talking to my family members today. The way it was explained, it was a miracle. My house collapsed with everyone inside, but God got them out at the right time.

My wife was inside the bedroom getting ready to go to church, but for some reason, there was a delay in looking for an item, which explains the reason she was not in the church at the time the church collapsed. At the moment she decided to leave the room to go outside, the roof caved in on her bed. She ran to help the others but could not.

The house collapsed with my children inside, but our God is the God of miracles. God created a way for the children that were upstairs. I cannot explain that. When the roof upstairs fell, it created a hole on the second floor and the kids fell inside the hole created by the roof of the second floor. Believe it or not, they fell right on their feet. Some of my children were hurt, but they are all fine. The house is gone, but God is going to do something different.

I have not been to Haiti to look at the damages, but based on what I was told, there is nothing left; we have to start from nothing to build. We will need all the help necessary to help the people." (Edited for grammar)

We continue to lift up the nation and people of Haiti in prayer.

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  1. Well be lifting Ernest and his family to the Lord in prayer, as well as the family members of love ones who where lost. Well continue to lift the nation of Haiti and it's people in prayer!

    Paul E.Dawn Jr
    PBTC - Class of 75