Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Student Testimonies

My time at Bethany has been one of the most challenging and rewarding seasons of my life. The Lord has helped me to see how real a relationship with Him can be, and He has challenged me to cultivate that relationship as the most important aspect of my life. In the process of cultivating my relationship with Him, He has also been healing me and making me more like Him. It hasn’t been easy at times, but it has definitely been worth it. Besides a personal relationship with Him, the Lord also has individual plans for each one of our lives, and since coming to Bethany He has given me new clarity, purpose and direction regarding His plan for me. He has opened doors for me and is leading me down a path that is better than anything I could have ever imagined or planned for myself. I feel like I’m on the adventure of a lifetime with my best Friend!

Second Year Student, Joseph Bourg
Olympia, Washington

Since being at Bethany, I have come to know the Lord in a very intimate way. I have seen the wonder working power of the blood of Jesus and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit. The Lord has taken away my anger and sadness, and has replaced it with His love and joy. He has led me to His still waters and restored my strength. I will live to testify of His goodness and great faithfulness.

Second Year Student, Exhilda Mwuape

Looking back at my first year, I am in awe at the work God did in such a short period of time. I learned what it was to truly desire the Lord, to want Him and only Him. God revealed Himself to me as my Father, my Bridegroom, and my Redeemer. I found my identity in Christ my first year, and everything else just fell away. Now that I am in Virginia for my second year, I am eager and excited to see what the Lord has for me. He has truly remolded my life at Bethany and I know there is only more to come.

Second Year Student, Jaimie Bornemann
Long Island, NY

I am only in my second quarter at Bethany Bible Training Center and already my time here has been very fruitful. The Lord is really placing a hunger in my heart for more of Him. I am becoming more sensitive to God’s voice through seeking Him one on one and through learning to wait on Him. The more time I spend with the Lord, the more I want to get to know Him. The more He reveals of Himself, the more I love Him. This time at Bethany is not just an experience which will be fondly looked back upon. Instead, it is a time of laying the foundation necessary to live a life continually with Christ as the center. I am eager to use this training and let the Lord build upon it.

Second Year Student, Michael Manion
Cazenovia, NY

I had every intention on going to college after graduating High School, but the Lord quickly changed my plans and called me to Bethany. Since being here, the Lord has transformed and healed me. God has met me so personally both in and out of chapels. I sometimes think of what my life could have been if I followed through with my original plans of going to college, but then I realize that nothing could ever replace my time here. I have come to know God in such a deeper way and for that I am forever thankful.

Second Year Graduate, Ashley Negron
Bronx, NY

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