Thursday, October 22, 2015

Pinecrest – Bethany has a contract on the Salisbury Center Property

As the Board of Pinecrest Bible Training Center, Inc. we wanted to make an announcement concerning the campus property in Up-State New York. On October the 20th we signed a contract with The Whitestone Academy of Whitestone, New York. They have served the New York City area since 1981 where they offer Grades 6-12. They have International Students from many nations and plan to use the campus to teach and to house both national, as well as the International Student.

They will be required to make a very substantial investment into the property to get it up and running so that when they are done it will extend the life of the buildings and campus into the future.

Because of this sale we will be able to pay a great deal towards past liabilities and it will move us forward towards what the Lord has for us here in Virginia. Whenever the Lord closes a door behind us it is exciting to be able to then move forward to what is ahead.

We are so thankful to all of you who pray and financially support this ministry and we ask you to continue to stand in prayer and financial support with us as we move forward into the future. I believe that we are living in exciting times where Jesus is about to reveal Himself and pour out His Spirit once again upon the earth. There is going to be a great need for the Lord to have places, like Pinecrest-Bethany, where the Lord can dwell with His people and where He can train and teach them by His Spirit.

The vision remains the same: To be a place where He can come and be Lord, as well as a place where His people can come apart to learn His voice, study His Word and pursue His heart, while developing a life-transforming relationship with Him. Here at Bethany, as the Bethany of old, we want to be a place where the Lord loves to come. A place where He is welcome and has friends that He love’s and love Him. An atmosphere where when He comes, everything else is set aside so that He can say and/or do whatever He may please.

Pray with us for a campus setting where we can once again house and teach the students that the Lord is, and will be, sending our way.

To all the alumni who have passed through the doors of Pinecrest or Bethany Bible Training Center, I hope that you will always feel a part of and welcome here. I know the name has changed, the location has changed and through the years the students, the staff, the faculty and leadership have changed, but one thing that remains the same is that our heritage and our birthright is from the same vision that the Lord gave in the birthing of this school. We all are partakers of that vision that was in the Lord’s heart as He drew each one of us here as student, visitor, staff, teacher, board member or leader. He brought us, each one, here for the same purpose.

God bless you,
Jack Picataggi

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