Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Coming Year 2010

As the new year begins, I feel the Lord speaking loudly and clearly that we are approaching the time in our history when He is about to directly intervene in this earth. As darkness is on the increase, so too must God's light and glory begin to shine forth from His people. The Bible tells us that the earth is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. We witness to this Scripture, because within us there is a groaning not only to see God's sons manifested, but to be those sons who will bring God's deliverance in the earth.

My wife, Joanne, has said numerous times from the pulpit, "The leaders that you see are not the true leaders." We see in the political realm a cry for real leaders, yet I wonder if we realize that those who have been presented to us as the leaders in the church are, in the end, not going to be the true leaders as well. We have been following leaders of a social gospel, and quite frankly, it has not produced an overcoming people, but rather a people that are dependent, defeated and powerless.

God is looking for emerging leaders to present themselves before Him and to allow Him to prepare them for the hour ahead. It is time to abandon our excuses and fall upon the mercy of God, to repent for our cold hearts and let Him reignite the fire from Heaven that alone can produce true godliness and true holiness within us, for it is Christ in us who is the hope of glory.

Do you find you are so encumbered by the things of life that you have come to believe that you are too old, too young, too weak or too late to cast off the hindrances that weigh you down and sell out totally to God and His purposes?

It is time to make the decision to allow God to take you, deal with you and work within you what He has purposed for you. It is up to you. Break free and hear from God afresh and anew. You honestly have nothing to lose.

God has the answers for the coming day. He will have a people prepared to march at His orders and to go forth into a world literally dying for the knowledge of God and groaning to be set from from the kingdom of darkness and to be translated into the Kingdom of His Son.

Your place in this coming day is largely going to be determined by your choices.

This New Year, make your decision for God.

P.S. As a side note, Pinecrest is one place where God can prepare you for the times ahead. If you feel God calling you to lay aside distractions and abandon yourself to His purpose, consider coming to Pinecrest.

- Jack Picataggi, President

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